BIRD meets the training, consultancy and research needs of Financial Institutions and also other Organisations working in Government as well as Non-Government sectors in the areas of Rural Credit and Rural Development

  • It provides training support to supplement Human Resource Development efforts of the Banks, Government Departments, Development Agencies as also Non-Governmental Organisations by organizing and sponsoring training programmes. Based on specific requirements of the organizations concerned, customized on location programmes are also conducted by the Institute. Besides formal training, it also conducts non-conventional HR interventions like Organisation Development etc
  • It offers consultancy services to Banks, Government of India, State Governments, Development Agencies, NABARD, Non Government Organisations, international agencies and others in the fields relating to agriculture, rural development, rural banking, micro finance, training etc.
  • It conducts Applied and Action Research and Studies for gaining insight into the development process of rural banking and for suggesting alternative policy options.
  • It participates in collaborative ventures with other training institutes, research organizations within and outside the country and acts as a forum for banks and development organizations in India and other developing countries for experience sharing and for learning from each other.

Further, It organizes Seminars, Workshops and Conferences in order to facilitate policy debate in the areas relating to Rural Credit, Development Banking, Microfinance, Training etc.