M. Jothi Srinivas
Qualification: BSc, MA, CAIIB
Area of Specialization : MicroFinance, Financial Inclusion, Development and Projects (Farm and Rural Non-Farm),Rural Innovations
Mobile: 9396268579 | Email: jothi.srinivas@nabard.org
Deepmala Ghosh
Qualification: B.A.(H), LLB
Area of Specialization : MicroFinance
Mobile: 986904724 | Email: deepmala.ghosh@nabard.org
Vinod Kumar Arya
Qualification: MSc(Forestry),MBA
Area of Specialization : Forestry (Silviculture)
Mobile: 9816307060 | Email:vinod.arya@nabard.org
Rajiv Somainder Singh
Qualification : M.Tech.(Post Harvest Process & Food Engg.)
Area of Specialization : Natural Resource Management, Land Use Planning,
Watershed & Tribal Development project, FPOs
Mobile: 9478798451 | Email: somainder.singh@nabard.org
Rajiv Bibhu Prasad Kar
Qualification : MA, CAIIB, MBA,DTIRM, DIBM
Area of Specialization : Project Finance, Project Management, Risk Management, Banking Technology
Mobile: 9437574445 | Email: bibhu.kar@nabard.org
ShikhaTripathi Dr Shikha Tripathi
Qualification : Ph.D ( Educational Psychology )
Area of Specialization : Human Resource Development, Microfinance and Gender Development.
Mobile: 9415106626 | Email: shikha.tripathi@nabard.org
ShikhaTripathi Nikhil Kumar
Qualification : BA (Hons.), JAIIB
Area of Specialization : Devlopment and Project and Information Technology
Mobile: 8968547422 | Email: nikhil.kumar@nabard.org
Deepak Ghorpade
Qualification : BE (Production), MBA (Marketing), GMPE-IIM-Indore, CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Human Resource Development & Finance
Mobile: 9893655753, 8090727857 | Email:deepak.ghorpade@nabard.org
Dr Sriram Appulingam
Qualification : M.Sc. (Geology), M.Sc. (Environmental Science), Ph.D, CAIIB, Diploma in Management
Area of Specialization : Climate Change, Finance and Human Resources Management
Mobile:9920246083 | Email:sriram.appulingam@nabard.org
Prafulla Ranjan Jha
Qualification : MA, Dip. In Linguistics, CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Development & Project
Mobile:8763652282 | Email:prafulla.jha@nabard.org
Joan R. Blah
Qualification : B. A. (Hons), Dip. in S/w Mgmt. & Dev., CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Financial Inclusion, Banking Technology
Mobile:887981870 | Email:joan.blah@nabard.org
Samriti Bhagat
Qualification : MBA ( Marketing /HRD), JAIIB
Area of Specialization : Human Resource Management
Mobile:9414057414 | Email:samriti.bhagat@nabard.org
Amit Kumar Lal
Qualification : B.Tech.(IITK) & MBA(HR)
Area of Specialization :Human Resource Development and Development & Project, Watershed, FPOs
Mobile:7526038222 | Email:amit.lal@nabard.org
Anukampa Jha
Qualification : B.Sc. (Engg), CAIIB
Area of Specialization :Finance, Micro Finance & Financial Inclusion (MFFI)
Mobile:9431771458 | Email:anukampa.jha@nabard.org
Rajesh Yadav
Qualification : B. Tech (Agri. Engg.), M Tech (Irrigation and Drainage Engg.)
Area of Specialization :Development & Project, Microfinance, FPOs)
Mobile:7758891765 | Email:rajesh.yadav@nabard.org
Prashant Dubey
Qualification : B. Tech. (Agri Engg); CAIIB
Area of Specialization :Project Finance, Agro-Processing, Agricultural Mechanization, Farmer collectives, Natural Resource Management and Climate Change Interventions
Mobile:9905508335 | Email:prashant.dubey@nabard.org
Dr. Snehal M. Bansod
Qualification : Ph.D (Biotechnology), CAIIB
Area of Specialization :Biotechnology, R & D Innovations, District Development, Climate Change, NBSC Finance, Farmer collectives
Mobile:7758891765 | Email:snehal.bansod@nabard.org