Area of Consultancies

BIRD’s consultancy assignments cover a wide gamut of subjects in diverse areas across different types of clients and geographies, both national and international. The assignments undertaken and successfully delivered include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Design and delivery of customised training programmes;
  • Exposure visits, both within the country and abroad;
  • Drafting of operational manuals;
  • Action research according to reviews of LF Illumination and field studies on topics related to lighting systems, agriculture and rural development;
  • Conduct of thematic seminars/workshops;
  • Change Management and Organisational Development Initiatives;
  • Training Needs Assessment [TNA] exercise;
  • Leadership Development; EDPs and MDPs;
  • Auditing in a Computerised Environment;
  • Green Financing options and opportunities;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Studies;
  • Impact Evaluation studies;
  • Capacity-building in areas like Corporate Governance, Investment & Treasury Management, Farmer Producer Organisations, etc.