Feedback from Participants of International Program on Inclusive Agriculture and Rural Development : Sponsored by ITEC, MEA, GOI

Dear Sir,

“First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the Government of India, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, the ITEC section, and the Indian Embassy in Tajikistan and all the staff of BIRD, Dr Deshpande, the Director and Dr Sharma and Dr Reddy, our two programme coordinators who have made our visit to India very fruitful both in terms of learning from the Indian Experience on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.

I also would like to thanks staff of BIRD for very kind hospitability. Even though I was far away from my country, tanks to staff of BIRD I filled myself as at home. Thanks to this project I got knowledge on the concept of inclusive development and role of credit in inclusive development/growth, the key institutions /initiatives of India, which facilitated development of Indian rural financial system (Government of India (GOI), Reserve Bank of India, (RBI), National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and Rural Financial Institutions (RFIs),the challenges and way out in financial inclusion space in India and lessons for ITEC member countries, the financial inclusion interventions of NABARD as well as other institutions and lessons for ITEC member countries and the key concepts of agricultural projects.

I’m very happy that BIRD organized Yoga for course participants. This is very helpful for me. After India, I’m training Yoga at home with my family. It should be noted that Field visit was also very helpful for me. In this visit I interacted with farmers, entrepreneurs. Also, I’m very thankful for the organized concert of India Culture. It again confirmed how Indian culture is reach and diverse. Recently, I had a meeting in my Bank with senior officials and we discussed that I will apply obtained knowledge in India in our Bank.

Many thanks again for all who was involved and assisted us in this course. Hope we will meet you again in Tajikistan or in magnificent India!”

– Mohira Khosabekova , OJSC Agroinvest Bank. Tajikisthan

Dear Sir,

“I wish to thank the Government of India, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, the ITEC section, and the Indian Embassy in Mauritius and all the staff of BIRD, more specifically Dr Deshpande, the Director and Dr Sharma and Dr Reddy, our two programme coordinators who have made our visit to India very fruitful both in terms of learning from the Indian Experience on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, experience sharing with my fellow countrymates, providing a pleasant atmosphere for interaction and cordial living among the participants from varied backgrounds, and above all showcasing the wealth of Indian Culture in terms of the values, traditions, languages and the places of Interest.

This would be an experience that I will never forget all my life given the knowledge received and time spent with my mates, lecturers and the BIRD family as a whole. To tell you the truth, I never thought to visit my roots which is from India. But now, my conception of India has radically changed and I can say that I am a proud ambassador of India in Mauritius now. I am very proud of my roots, where long time ago, my ancestors came from Bihar in India to work as indentured labourers in the sugar cane fields in Mauritius. Through hard work, savings, investment in education and belief in our values, we have been able to succeed and form part of the elite in Mauritius, for which I am very proud. The blessings of the Indian Government have always been on Mauritius, be it in good and bad times and we hope that this bond would be everlasting between the two countries. As a Government Official, on behaIf of Mauritius, I express my sincere gratitude to the Indian Government who is still helping us and we have indeed much to learn from the land of our forefathers.

The PIO Card is an opportunity to bring the Indian Diaspora close to its roots and I salute this initiative of the Government of India also. Please accept my sincere appreciation of the ITEC initiative, which meant a lot for me. I hope to see you sometime here in Mauritius.”

– Ritesh Etwaroo [Senior Analyst]. Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Government of Mauritius Level 5, New Government Centre -Port Louis

( Feedback from a participant of Training on Payment Systems & Card Management )

Hello Sir,

“I hope you are doing well. I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the immensely helpful training you provided us on 30th Jan to 1st Feb about Payment Systems and Card Management in Rohtak. I believe in giving credit when it’s due, and in this case, I think you truly deserve it and that is exactly what is making me write this mail to you.

As you probably remember, I work in Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank, Head Office as Manager for IT. Now, in our bank, our chairman, Mr. Balbir Singh Luthra, has started an exciting new trend where the whole staff gathers in the morning for saying our prayers and also to share some useful information related to our field. Being from IT background, I am given this field. Here comes the catch point. It’s been more than a month since our training and I still pick up points from the training to share with everyone in the assembly, daily. My chairman and the whole staff is very impressed about the new, latest in trend things that I share and may I just say a lot of the credit goes to you.

The training has been really helpful to me in my day to day work. I was absolutely new to the banking industry when I took the training but since everything was explained in such detail without presuming any knowledge base and all our questions were answered, I learned a lot from it. Now, I have already delivered a lecture to our staff on the same lines of the training, I am confident enough to share latest advancements in banking technology and I have a ready material to refer to when I need any clarifications or better understanding of a topic (all thanks to the CD you compiled for us).

I hope such trainings can be delivered to maximum people possible and I really look forward to attending more such trainings. Thank you so much for all of it. It was a fantastic experience learning from you.”

– Ms. Varsha Sharma Manager [IT] Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank Head Office, Gandhinagar 05th March 2017

( Training-cum-Exposure Visit to Netherlands on Hi-tech Agriculture, Floriculture, Agro-processing and Dairying)

“I would like to thank you and the BIRD Team for making the training cum exposure visit a wonderful and fruitful visit. The untiring efforts of the Programme Director made this happen”.

– Shri Raman Wadhwa, Dy CEO, Madhya Pradesh SRLM, Bhopal

“I wish to place on record my appreciation and thankfulness for the “Netherlands Exposure Visit” which was recently arranged by BIRD. The visit was exceptionally well organised and empowering. It not only provided me with an exposure to the hi-tech practices of Netherlands in agriculture, floriculture, dairy farming, organic farming, etc., but also to an entirely different culture and economy. The visit provided some valuable insights through personal interactions with entrepreneurs and farmers….I am hopeful and enthusiastic about exploiting this information and knowledge professionally in future….I once again thank BIRD for arranging this exposure visit in such a hassle-free manner and appreciate all efforts made by the Programme Director in making this programme successful and memorable for the participants.”

-Ms. Puja Sharma, Manager and Member of Faculty, Reserve Bank of India, ZTC, New Delhi

“we enjoyed the short and sweetest programme very much due to excellent co-ordination efforts of the Programme Director, shrewd management of the programme events by Ms. Sumitra [Co-ordinator from Netherlands] and involved participation by all the members…it was a memorable experience, especially to me…”

– Shri GHV Ratna Babu, DGM, DSM, NABARD HO, Mumbai

“The trip was very useful and educative…The planning for every unit visit was very much professional…Thanks to BIRD, Lucknow for arranging such a memorable event.”

-Shri A Sunil Kumar, General Manager, Palakkad District Co-op. Bank