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S. No. Name of the Study Report Author Name Author Designation Year
1. Study on Joint Liability Groups: Innovations and Impact M R GOPAL & TAMANUD GHOSH GM & Research Officer 2019
2. TREND REPORT on Financial Inclusion in India M R GOPAL, DEEPMALA GHOSH & TAMANUD GHOSH GM, DGM/FM & Research Officer 2019
3. Study on Non-Performing assets (NPAs) in Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Dr BS Rathore Research Officer 2019
4. Provision of CBS plus Services in STCCS Opportunities and Issues from Supply and Demand Sides Dr G Rout and Dr Yogesh AGM & Research Officer 2018
5. Study on on-boarding of FPOs on NCDEX Dr RS Reddy and MK De DGMs 2018
6. Manpower Planning Assessment for Raipur DCCB, Chhattisgarh Shri RK Srivastava DGM 2017
7. Mid-term Evaluation of FPOs in Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu MR Gopal, KPR Udupa & DS Chauhan DGMs 2017
8. Best Practices in NPA Management in Satara DCCB Dr SKK Mishra & Shri KPR Udupa DGMs 2017
9. Mobilization of Share Capital by DCCBs in Kerala State: A case study Manikumar S & KPR Udupa DGMs 2017
10. A Study on Comparative Performance of Financial Literacy Centres [FLCs] in Rampur District, Uttar Pradesh Dr Diwakar Hedge and Shri MK De DGMs 2017
11. A Study on Comparative Performance of Financial Literacy Centres (FLC) in Rampur District, Uttar Pradesh Dr. Diwakar Hegde and Shri M K De DGM/Faculty Member 2017
12. Draft Manual /Guidelines on Deposit Taking Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS)In THE ST ATE OF MIZORAM Dr S K K Mishra DGM/Faculty Member 2017
13. ODI Varanasi Dr S K K Mishra, Ms Shikha & R K Srivastava DGM/Faculty Member 2017
14. Study Report on Impact of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) BIRD, Lucknow and CAB, Pune 2016
15. Utilisation of Agriculture Credit – A Study in Raibareli District of Uttar Pradesh Dr K C Sharma, Dr R R Sinha and Dr R S Reddy DGM/Faculty Member 2016
16. Study Report on Problems and Prospects of Handloom Sector in Employment Generation in the Globally Competitive Environment Dr.S K K Mishra, Rakesh Srivastava and K I Shariff DGM/Faculty Member 2016